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Who we are

EURL DEGLA EXPO is a premier grower and packer of delicious, wholesome Biskra dates. We strive to bring integrity, kindness nand respect into our business, the community, and the fields and hands that nurture our crops. This, in turn, gives us the ability to consistently and sustainably provide the  highest  quality  product available in the marketplace – a value on which we are unwilling to waver.
product quality is of paramount importance to us and we go the  extra  length to ensure that only the best reaches you.
We procure the choicest  raw  material from our  orchards or  from neighboring  farmers in regions of Biskra known to  produce  the best product.
All  our   products   are  hygienically  packed  under  the care of our trained employees.
Our business  model is  very  customer-centric   where  the  satisfaction of our consumers is our top priority.
Our passionate team is focused on ensuring that  all of our clients get the best  value for money and that they provide the Perfect Quality.


Premium Dates

Branched dates selected from natural dates ,which do not under go any processing ,the yare cleaned and stuffed and exported on their natural state without any human or machine processing.

Pitted Dates

Pitted date is without a pit and steamed date ,it is rich in natural sugar (glucose,fructose and sucrose).Very rich in antioxidants, it is for direct consumption,we offer it in arange of different packaging at the clients request.

Diced dates

natural processed dates go through à dicer machine, due to the low water activity and low moisture diced dates have a Long shelf life.


paste Dates

is made from 100% natural dates crushed after removing the pit. Is rich in natural sugar (glucose, fructose and sucrose). Very rich in antioxidants, it is used for direct consumption or for transformation.They are made of Deglet Nour dates Grade C.


This category of our product is processed directly without removing the pitt. a whole range of packages in plastic and wood trays and cartons can be managed to reply to our clients requierments and needs.

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